About Us

Since 2000, Jan has been wholeheartedly helping protect people’s income producing assets  from the costs and consequences of long term illnesses and other misfortunes. With the experience and knowledge of what it takes to put together a plan, she knows all of the important elements that are necessary for the plan to be effective, while balancing your need for affordability. Whether you are already sensitive to the devastating effects trying to provide or pay for long term care can have on the people you care about most, or are educating yourself for the first time, Jan provides knowledge and options to plan for the consequences of aging, and is current on the state of the insurance industry regarding long term care issues. Today, in addition to traditional long term care insurance there are many options to protect retirement savings, inheritances and other accounts. Jan believes in safer money solutions and offers strategies for people getting ready for retirement as well as for those already in retirement. With healthcare costs skyrocketing, she also helps people who are going on Medicare with Supplemental policies to insure their short term healthcare as well.